Guaranteed Content         W / W

Organic Matter                       15%

Organic Carbon                        7%

Total Nitrogen (N)                   % 1

Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K20) 0,5%

Promotes Rooting.

  • It accelerates the adaptation of the surprising or newly planted plants to the soil.
  • Minimizes the time to overcome the stress of surprise.
  • It ensures homogenous growth of all seedlings.
  • Mikado can be applied in the early and early stages of the plants for extra capillary root growth.
  • Mikado has superior nutritional properties and promotes lateral root elongation, extra capillary root formation, and early and strong root growth.
  • Mikado allows young plants to fully grow their roots, and quickly recover from the shock of surprise even under difficult and adverse conditions such as temperature and humidity.
  • Mycado include amino acids, polysaccharides and special rooting enhancers, arginine, aspargin and CITOKININS.
  • Application period and dosage
  • Two applications with one week break

First application 500 cc 2. Application 500 cc

500 cc-1 lt is poured per 200cc seedlings in 100 lt water in nurseries.