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Guaranteed Content: W / W

Organic Matter 20%

Organic Carbon 10%

Total Nitrogen (N) 3%

Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) 5%

pH Range 3-5


  • Being a biostimulant, Bionter is a natural, organic product that can be applied from leaves and drips, while keeping your plant's amino acid balance at the right rate, strengthening against environmental stress conditions.
  • It ensures the smooth running of your plant's metabolic activities. It also increases the resistance of your plant against environmental stress conditions and keeps it strong .. (high-low temperatures, post-confusion stress, salinity, phytotoxicity etc.)
  • It stimulates the formation of the ideal conditions for the plant by stimulating the microbial viability in the applied soil. Provides fast availability and portability in the products it is applied together
  • Due to its low molecular weight, it provides very fast uptake, transport and utilization.
  • The high content of biocimitants increases the plant's resistance to abiotic stress conditions.
  • Due to its organic acids and short-chain peptides (Oligo peptides), chlorophyll synthesis, fertility, enzyme activator and chelating effect enable the vegetative and generative development of the plant to be optimal.
  • With its long chain peptides, it provides long lasting and stable (permanent) activity due to its permanent effect on soil.
  • It increases the internal and external quality of the product and accordingly the fruit quality. Increases the quantity of marketable products.
  • Provides more effective use of nutrients by creating a stronger root structure with soil regulating feature.
  • Benefits for the manufacturer
  • Efficiency increase, Risk management, Easy to use.
  • Plant benefits
  • Environmental adversities
  • Drought, High temperature, Low temperature, Over irrigation
  •   Product Development Effect
  • Increases rooting, Vegetative development, Sweating reduction effect, Strong tissue formation, Strong photosynthesis, Increases fruit size, Uniform ripening, Uniform output, Strong shoot.
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