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Guaranteed Composition                            w/w

Total organic matters                                                    40%

Total nitrogen (N)                                                          4,5%

Organic nitrogen (N)                                                      2,5%

Water soluble potassium oxide (K2O)                          1%

pH range                                                                         4-6

  • ACTOLİN; Contain high amount of organic matters, organic acids, enzymes and plant growth regulators (Natural herbal hormones, auxin, stochin, giberallin)
  •  ACTOLİN Provide strong root and shoot development and healthy plants.
  • ACTOLİN; Has important effects on fruit growth, fruit development, fruit quality and yield
  • ACTOLİN; Improve vegetation period and provide optimum yield from plants. 
  • ACTOLİN; Improve soil structure and increase humidity and aeration of root parts of soil. Additionally it provides keeping nutrients, promotes the formation of aggregates which facilitates aeration of the root.
  • ACTOLİN; Increase amount and facility of microorganism in the soil. It is extremely important on the productivity of soil. Just one application of Actolin can provide 400 times increasing of microflora.
  • ACTOLİN; Fertigation is the most effective method for the providing of nutrients to plants (with drip irrigation). But in this method, all of the fertilizers, given to the root region, are not taken in to plant and additionally it may cause physical pollution. Because of the its colloidal and high keep properties, the fertilizer around root region can keep by Actolin. Than it make easy uptake by plants and provide plant available form.
  • ACTOLİN; It play important role for the intake and transferring of plant nutrients due to its organic acids and chelating agents, if it was applied with other fertilizer.
  • ACTOLİN; If nutrients was applied with Actolin, they were 4 times more used by plants. Because Actolin helps to keep the molecules of these materials in the solution. Due to the lower molecular weight of Actolin, plant nutrients are easily and rapidly penetrate to inside of plants and roaming in the floem and ksilem.
  • ACTOLİN; show high resistance to environmental stresses (low and high temperature and phytotoxic effects)
  • ACTOLİN; because of the enzymes which it contains, increase photosynthesis capacity and also protein synthesis.





















































The dosage give above is just guide for you. These dosage can be

Reduced or increased in accordance with the fertilization programs given by experts

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