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Senfa Tarım İth. İhr. Ltd. Şti. established its fertilizer manufacturing factory in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2009. Our company is produce Organic,Organamineral,chemical fertilizer production at the Turkiye.Production capacity of Our company : Liquid fertilizer:40000 ton, Gel fertilizer:5000 ton,Powder fertilizer:20000 ton .The aims of Senfa agriculture fertilizer company is to provide the quality and efficiency enhancer solutions in plants by producing organic fertilizer, organo-mineral fertilizer, chemical fertilizer. Products, which obtained from laboratory studies, have been provided to the service of farmers by passing  through rigorous fieldwork.I want to give you some brief information about products, ,  In order to increase the efficiency of our products we are making low ph 2-6 production. Our products are high perpormans products that are added amino acid, Fulvic acid,  biyositimilant.. our company has domestic and overseas sales network  that are exporting to  Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Iran that is a company